The Resource The Taliban, Noah Berlatsky, book editor

The Taliban, Noah Berlatsky, book editor

The Taliban
The Taliban
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Noah Berlatsky, book editor
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This book is a collection of articles in which authors debate whether the Taliban can be categorized as any one movement, whether the Taliban are winning the war in Afghanistan, whether Pakistan aids the Taliban, and whether Saudi Arabia tacitly supports the Taliban
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The Taliban, Noah Berlatsky, book editor
The Taliban, Noah Berlatsky, book editor
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Who are the Taliban? - The Taliban are a Pashtun Nationalist Movement / Michael J. Totten - The Taliban are part of global jihadism and allied with al Qaeda / Scott Baldauf and Owais Tohid - The Taliban cannot be categorized easily as any one movement / Anand Gopal - The Taliban are funded by money from narcotics / Hayder Mili - All of Afghanistan, not just the Taliban, relies on money from narcotics / Ted Galen Carpenter - How should the United States deal with the Taliban? - The Taliban threaten vital U.S. interests / Barack Obama - The Taliban are not a threat to the United States / John Mueller - The Taliban are winning the war in Afghanistan / Kimberly Kagan - The United States is well positioned to win the war in Afghanistan / Peter Bergen - America must negotiate with the Taliban / Andrew Blandford - America should not negotiate with the Taliban / Inge Fryklund - What is the Taliban's relationship with Pakistan? - Pakistan opposes the Taliban / Husain Haqqani - Pakistan aids the Taliban / Selig S. Harrison - Pakistan has capitulated to the Taliban / Susanne Koelbl - Pakistan seeks role as mediator in possible Taliban-Afghanistan peace talks / Pamela Constable - Pakistan has done a poor job negotiating with the Taliban / Sharad Joshi - The U.S. war may allow the Taliban to seize control of Pakistan / Pratap Chatterjee - Military cooperation between the United States and Pakistan can help defeat the Taliban / Eli Clifton and Charles Fromm - Pakistani civilian authorities, not the military, must address the Taliban crisis / Shuja Nawaz - What is the Taliban's relationship with other nations? - Iran opposes the Taliban / Strategic Forecasting, Inc. (STRATFOR) - The Taliban may be obtaining Chinese weapons from Iran / Ron Synovitz - Russia and China are working to contain the Taliban / Dmitry Shlapentokh - Money from individuals in Russia and Saudi Arabia helps support the Taliban / Ryan Mauro - Saudi Arabia tacitly supports the Taliban /Rachel Ehrenfeld - Saudi Arabia could act as an arbiter with the Taliban / Michael Shank
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